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The main characteristics of mass open online course (MOOC) as an educational technology
Khusyainov T. M. 1

1. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod


This article discusses MOOC (Massive open online courses), as a separate form of online learning that could be included in the educational process a significant number of users-students. In the paper, the author points out the main characteristics of MOOC, the features that distinguish this form of learning from a traditional education as well as the reasons for the emergence and popularization of this form of learning and skills. In this article the author examines the foreign and domestic experience of implementing MOOC-learning. As a method of this study made a theoretical analysis of the Russian and foreign scientific literature, as well as an analysis of official data submitted platforms MOOC. In this paper, the author presents the main characteristics of mass open online course (MOOC) and how it differs from other forms of learning. The history of the emergence and spread, as well as the reasons for the wide popularization of learning by means MOOC among users worldwide.

Keywords: distance learning, online courses, MOOC, Internet communication, Internet, computerization, modern education, information technology, virtualization, innovative education

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