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Психологические науки
Current issues of dissemination of expertise in field of psychology, pedagogigs and social pedagogigs: new challenges
Kostrigin A. A. 1, Khusyainov T. M. 1, Chuprov L. F. 2

1. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
2. Journal "Bulletinof pedagogy and psychology, southern Siberia"


The article discusses the dissemination of expertise and public education in the field of medicine, pedagogy, psychology and sociology. The authors highlight the common points of organization, forms and methods and the use of such work. Considering the education of the population as part of the prophylactic work of the expert, the authors stress that nowadays the specifics of expertise dissemination are changing. In particular, specialists have little use of information technologies and the Internet for such prophylactic activities.

Keywords: prophylactic work, psychological prophylaxis, dissemination of social knowledge, health education, Internet

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