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On the creation of a complex practice-technology jobs in mathematics for economic specialties
Goncharova M.N. 1, Setko E.A. 1

1. Yanka Kypala State University of Grodno (Grodno, Belarus)


Considered developed and used by the authors in the educational process of formation of the complex practice-technology jobs in mathematics for economics. These tasks are used to develop estimates of funds on mathematical disciplines. The aim is to broaden the base of mathematical problems with economic content. For some economic-mathematical problems with specific data given their decision. The analysis of problems in terms of economic content, which resulted in the input parameters and determine the conditions and restrictions on the parameter values. We give a solution to the problem in a general way, it is strictly justified mathematically. In this paper we use the methods of investigation functions of one and two variables, as well as apparatus of analytical geometry and linear algebra. The proposed method allows, without losing the specificity of tasks to carry out a reasonable replication of similar tasks.

Keywords: mathematical disciplines, tasks database, automation, evaluation fund, practice-training, professional competence

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