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Science and the idea of borders do not have (welcome to the VI International youth scientific and cultural forum)
Chuprov L. F. 2, Khusyainov T. M. 3, Akhmetova L. V. 5, Barabanov R. E. 6, Berlow A. V. 7, Voropaev V. M. 8, Zelichenko A. I. 9, Komarova N. M. 10, Kostrigin A. A. 1, Lakomova A. A. 11, Perchekliyski L. 12, Yanakieva E. K. 4, Yasnitsky A. 13, Balkan Tsendsuren 14

1. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
2. Science. The idea.
3. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
4. South-West University "Neofit Rilski" (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)
5. Tomsk state pedagogical University
6. Moscow Finance and law Academy
7. Moscow Institute of advanced training of physicians (Moscow, Russia).
8. Moscow city pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia).
9. Science. The idea.
10. Khakass state University n. a. N. F. Katanov
11. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod
12. South-West University "Neofit Rilski" (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)
13. Unaffiliated researcher (Toronto, Canada).
14. Institute of engineering and technology Mongolian Agricultural University


The ideas of the VI international scientific and cultural forum, held on 21-23 March 2016 on the basis of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, international Euro-Asian Adaptation and Education Center, attracted the attention of professionals, students, representatives of domestic and foreign scientific communities not only from the vast Eurasian space, but also far beyond its borders; received the support of prominent figures of science and education.

Keywords: VI international scientific and cultural forum, greetings, science, chronicle

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